XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival 2022 Programme

Wednesday 17th August - Session 1CPD matrix code
0830-0930Registration and tea/coffee
0930-0940WelcomeDr Adam Paul, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
0940-1000Slaying mythical beasts of anaesthesiaDr David Ray, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh2A02, 2A07
1000-1020Slaying mythical beasts of intensive careDr Monika Beatty, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh2C01, 2C02
1020-1040Slaying mythical beasts of pain medicineProfessor Lesley Colvin, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School2E01, 2E03
1040-1055Questions & Panel Discussion
1055-1130Refreshments and Poster Viewing
1130-1150Optical learning enhancementsDr Mel McKendrick, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh3J02
1150-1210Waste not or want not? The future for inhalational anaesthesiaDr Douglas Duncan, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh / St Johns Hospital1A02
1210-1230How can I get my paper published? The editor’s viewProfessor Lars Simon Rasmussen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen3J03
1230-1245Questions & Panel Discussion
Session 2
1345-1435Translational genomics in critical care medicine ('JDR Lecture supported by EESSA and JDR Trust')Professor Kenneth Baillie, University of Edinburgh3J03
1435-1505Anaesthesia for Patients with DementiaProfessor Lars Simon Rasmussen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen3I00
1505-1520Questions & Panel Discussion
1520-1600Refreshments and Poster Viewing
1600-1620Preoperative fasting times for fluids - time for change?Dr Matthew Checketts, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School1A01
1620-1640The origins, evolution and extinction of the AGPDr Nick Wilson, Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy2A01
1640-1650Questions & Panel Discussion
1700-1830Welcome Drinks Reception at the conference venue, open to all delegates
Thursday 18th August - Session 3CPD matrix code
0930-0950Updates in Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical CareDr Kyle Gibson, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London3F00
0950-1010TBI in the Major Trauma CentreDr Ingrid Hoeritzauer, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh3A01
1010-1030ThrombectomyDr Nick Dobbs, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh2F01
1030-1045Questions & Panel Discussion
1045-1130Refreshments and Poster Viewing
1130-1150Innovations in Non-Technical Skills Training and AssessmentProfessor Steven Yule, University of Edinburgh1I02, 1I03
1150-1210What is the optimal intraoperative O2 fractionProfessor Lars Simon Rasmussen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen1A02, 3C00
1210-1230Beyond Acute Pain- Opioid Free and Sparing AnesthesiaDr Naveen Eipe, University of Ottawa1D02, 2E01
1230-1245Questions & Panel Discussion
Session 4
1345-1405Maternal HaemorrhageDr Catherine Collinson, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh2B05
1405-1425MCC: care of the critically ill woman in childbirthDr Kerry Litchfield, Princess Royal Maternity, Glasgow2B06
1425-1445Ockenden - why it matters to youDr Nancy Redfern, Newcastle3B00
1445-1500Questions & Panel Discussion
1500-1540Refreshments and Poster Viewing
1540-1600Acute Pain in Morbid ObesityDr Naveen Eipe, University of Ottawa3A13, 3E00
1600-1625Mythbusting processed EEGDr Mark Barley, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust1A03, 2A04
1625-1645Getting the right heart right under general anaesthesiaDr Ben Shelley, Golden Jubilee National Hospital / University of Glasgow3G00, 2A04
1645-1700Questions & Panel Discussion
2000-2300Festival Dinner, Royal College of Physicians, Guests welcome, Booking required: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Friday 19th August - Session 5CPD matrix code
0930-0950Who is the default anaesthetist?Dr Rosie Baruah, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh1I02, 1I03
0950-1010Managing the aftermath of a catastropheDr Nancy Redfern, Newcastle3J00
1010-1030Call it in or call it out? Addressing workplace bullyingDr Roopa McCrossan, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough1I02
1030-1045Questions & Panel Discussion
1130-1150Edinburgh Trauma SymposiumMr Sam Molyneux, Edinburgh3A10
1150-1210PHEM - challenges, considerations and constraintsDr Seb Bourn, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Great north air ambulance3A10
1210-1220Questions & Panel Discussion
1220-1240The Alastair Spence Memorial Award: Oral presentations from Top 2 finalists
Session 6
1340-1350The Alastair Spence Memorial Award and Best Poster Award, Prizes
1350-1410Medico-Legal UpdateDr Udvitha Nandasoma, The Medical Defence Union (MDU)1I04
1410-1430Managing patient anxietyDr Roopa McCrossan, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough2A12
1430-1440Questions & Panel Discussion
1510-1530Predicting and Managing MODA - the Morbid Obesity Difficult AirwayDr Naveen Eipe, University of Ottawa1C01, 2A01
1530-1550Peripartum Collapse: In their own words; the mother, the obstetrician, and the anaesthetist.Dr Ros Burns, Dr Mayank Madhra, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh2B02, 2B06
1550-1600Questions & Panel Discussion