Full Programme EAF 2014

This year's Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival has been approved by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for 15 CPD credits.

Wednesday 20th August Session 1CPD matrix code
0930-0945Dr. Adam Paul, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryWelcome and Opening Remarks
0945-1020Dr. David Ray, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryAll Hip Fractures are equal, but some are less equal than others1D02, 2A02, 2G02
1020-1100Dr. Dave Caesar, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryTrauma Networks in Scotland - same disease, new challenges2A02, 3A10, 3A11
1145-1215Jackson Carlaw MSP, Health Spokesman, Scottish Conservative and Unionist PartyThe Shape of Scotland's Healthcare in a United Kingdom3J00
1215-1245Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and WellbeingThe Shape of Scotland's Healthcare in an Independent Scotland3J00
1340-1420Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtSerious gaming in resident education: the development of Air Medic Sky One1I03, 3J02
1420-1500Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonResearch Misconduct1G02, 1F05
1530-1610Dr. Katie Warnaby, University of OxfordAnaesthesia and Brain Function: How Anaesthetics Work?1A01, 1A02
1610-1650Dr. Neil Young, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryPerioperative ventilation optimisation of critically ill patients2C02, 2C04, 3C00
Thursday 21st August Session 2CPD matrix code
0900-0940Dr. Gary Morrison, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryFibrinogen concentrate - Preventing Haemorrhage in Vascular Surgery2A04, 2A05, 3A05
0940-1020Dr. Sarah Thompson, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryROTEM - An Essential Tool for the Labour Ward?2A05, 2B03, 2B05
1020-1100Dr. Val Cunningham, Southern General Hospital, GlasgowBloody Airways!1C01, 1C02, 2A01
1120-1200Dr. Katie Warnaby, University of OxfordPost-Operative Pain after Caesarean Section1D02, 2E01, 2B03
1200-1240Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamOutcome and Safety of Thoracic Epidurals2G01,2G02, 2G03, 2G04
1320-1400Dr. Neil Grubb, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryPacemakers - Do's and Don'ts in Theatre2A03, 2A12
1400-1440Dr. Malcolm Daniel, Glasgow Royal InfirmaryMaking Quality Improvement Happen in the Real World1G01, 1I05
1510-1550Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamUsefulness and implementation of checklists1I02, 1I03
1550-1630Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtHow Good is My Hospital? Hospital Mortality and other Purported Quality Indicators1I01, 1I05, 3J00
1630-1710Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonUsing PubMedIG02, 3J01, 3J03
1930 for 2000Dinner at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
Friday 22nd August Session 3CPD matrix code
0930-1010Dr. Alastair Simpson, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryDoping in Sport1A01, 1A02, 1A03
1010-1050Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonHow to get Published3J03
1120-1200Prof. Monty Mythen, UCL, LondonPerioperative goal directed fluid therapy in the wake of the NICE guidance1A02, 2A05
1200-1240Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamNeuromuscular monitoring1A03, 2A04
1340-1420Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtAnaesthetic Neurotoxicity1A02, 2D02, 3D00
1420-1500Prof. Monty Mythen, UCL, LondonHuman tolerance of hypoxia - Xtreme Everest 21A01, 3I00
1500-1540Dr. Mike Fried, St John’s Hospital, LivingstonScotSTAR: Scotland's Specialist Transport And Retrieval service2A11, 3A10
1540-1600Closing remarks