XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

Full Programme EAF 2014

This year's Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival has been approved by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for 15 CPD credits.

Wednesday 20th August Session 1CPD matrix code
0930-0945Dr. Adam Paul, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryWelcome and Opening Remarks
0945-1020Dr. David Ray, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryAll Hip Fractures are equal, but some are less equal than others1D02, 2A02, 2G02
1020-1100Dr. Dave Caesar, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryTrauma Networks in Scotland - same disease, new challenges2A02, 3A10, 3A11
1145-1215Jackson Carlaw MSP, Health Spokesman, Scottish Conservative and Unionist PartyThe Shape of Scotland's Healthcare in a United Kingdom3J00
1215-1245Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and WellbeingThe Shape of Scotland's Healthcare in an Independent Scotland3J00
1340-1420Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtSerious gaming in resident education: the development of Air Medic Sky One1I03, 3J02
1420-1500Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonResearch Misconduct1G02, 1F05
1530-1610Dr. Katie Warnaby, University of OxfordAnaesthesia and Brain Function: How Anaesthetics Work?1A01, 1A02
1610-1650Dr. Neil Young, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryPerioperative ventilation optimisation of critically ill patients2C02, 2C04, 3C00
Thursday 21st August Session 2CPD matrix code
0900-0940Dr. Gary Morrison, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryFibrinogen concentrate - Preventing Haemorrhage in Vascular Surgery2A04, 2A05, 3A05
0940-1020Dr. Sarah Thompson, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryROTEM - An Essential Tool for the Labour Ward?2A05, 2B03, 2B05
1020-1100Dr. Val Cunningham, Southern General Hospital, GlasgowBloody Airways!1C01, 1C02, 2A01
1120-1200Dr. Katie Warnaby, University of OxfordPost-Operative Pain after Caesarean Section1D02, 2E01, 2B03
1200-1240Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamOutcome and Safety of Thoracic Epidurals2G01,2G02, 2G03, 2G04
1320-1400Dr. Neil Grubb, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryPacemakers - Do's and Don'ts in Theatre2A03, 2A12
1400-1440Dr. Malcolm Daniel, Glasgow Royal InfirmaryMaking Quality Improvement Happen in the Real World1G01, 1I05
1510-1550Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamUsefulness and implementation of checklists1I02, 1I03
1550-1630Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtHow Good is My Hospital? Hospital Mortality and other Purported Quality Indicators1I01, 1I05, 3J00
1630-1710Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonUsing PubMedIG02, 3J01, 3J03
1930 for 2000Dinner at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
Friday 22nd August Session 3CPD matrix code
0930-1010Dr. Alastair Simpson, Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryDoping in Sport1A01, 1A02, 1A03
1010-1050Dr. Steve Yentis, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, LondonHow to get Published3J03
1120-1200Prof. Monty Mythen, UCL, LondonPerioperative goal directed fluid therapy in the wake of the NICE guidance1A02, 2A05
1200-1240Dr. Wolfgang Schlack, University of AmsterdamNeuromuscular monitoring1A03, 2A04
1340-1420Prof. Cor Kalkman, University Medical Center UtrechtAnaesthetic Neurotoxicity1A02, 2D02, 3D00
1420-1500Prof. Monty Mythen, UCL, LondonHuman tolerance of hypoxia - Xtreme Everest 21A01, 3I00
1500-1540Dr. Mike Fried, St John’s Hospital, LivingstonScotSTAR: Scotland's Specialist Transport And Retrieval service2A11, 3A10
1540-1600Closing remarks