XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

EAF 2016 Programme

 The Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival has been awarded 15 CPD credits (5 per day) by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Wednesday 17th August - Session 1CPD matrix code
0915-0930Welcome and Opening RemarksDr Adam Paul, Edinburgh
0930-1010Pre-hospital trauma and airway managementDr Barry Schyma, Edinburgh2A01, 2A02, 3A01, 3A10
1010-1050Trauma ManagementProf Herbert Schöchl, Salzburg2A02, 2A04
1120-1200Emergency LaparotomyProf Nicolai Bang-Foss, Copenhagen2A04, 2C03, 3A03
1200-1240Fluid absorption issues (fluid balance "accidents")Prof Robert Hahn, Södertälje1A01, 1A02, 2A05
Session 2
1340-1420GMC/RiskDr Anna-Marie Rollin MBE, London1I04, 3J00
1420-1500Balancing risk and benefit with regional anesthesiaProf Colin McCartney, Ottawa2G01, 2G02, 2G04
1530-1610Quality ImprovementDr Nikki Maran, Edinburgh1I03, 1I05, 3J03
1610-1650Realistic MedicineDr Caroline Whitworth, Edinburgh3I00, 3J00
Thursday 18th August - Session 3CPD matrix code
0900-0940Recovering after critical illness: An impossible dream?Prof Tim Walsh, Edinburgh2C04, 3C00, 3J03
0940-1020Diagnosing PneumoniaDr Kevin Dhaliwal, Edinburgh2C01, 2C02, 2C03
1050-1130Paper critique masterclassDr David Griffiths, Edinburgh1H02, 3J03
1130-1210From the genome to clinical practice: future applications of genomics in anaesthesia and critical careDr Kenneth Baillie, Edinburgh3C00, 3J03
Session 4
1310-1350SedationDr Anna-Marie Rollin MBE, London2A08, 2A11, 3A07
1350-1430Chronic pain after surgeryProf Colin McCartney, Ottawa2E03, 3E00
1500-1540Coagulopathy in TraumaProf Herbert Schöchl, Salzburg1A01, 1A02, 2A05
1540-1620Haemodynamics/Transfusion triggersProf Nicolai Bang-Foss, Copenhagen2A05, 3I00
1900-1930Society DinnerSponsored by Lamborghini Edinburgh and Bentley Edinburgh
Friday 19th August - Session 5CPD matrix code
0930-1010Diabetic control in theatreDr Simon Heaney, Edinburgh2A03, 3I00
1010-1050Providing best care for patients having knee arthroplastyProf Colin McCartney, Ottawa1D02, 2A03, 2A07
1120-1200Perioperative care for hip fracturesProf Nicolai Bang-Foss, Copenhagen1D02, 2E01, 3A08
1200-1240The Consultant ContractDr Nicola Thompson, Dundee1I02, 3J00
Session 6
1340-1420Airway M&M - lessons from the real worldDr Kate Theodosiou, Edinburgh1C01, 1I01, 3A01
1420-1500Maternal critical careDr Kerry Litchfield, Glasgow2B05, 2B06
1500-1540Insulin resistance in general surgeryProf Robert Hahn, Södertälje1A01, 3A03
1540-1600Closing remarksDr John Wilson, Edinburgh