Dr Alistair McNarry

XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

Dr Alistair NcNarry

Dr Alistair McNarry Alistair McNarry is a Consultant Anaesthetist in NHS Lothian, where he has worked happily since fleeing the inclement weather of the South East of England some 11½ years ago. He exercises his airway interest through a weekly head and neck list and is unlikely ever to be accused of doing too few fibreoptic intubations.

His interests are actually in avoiding airway difficulties and in teaching and training others to do likewise. He has been found teaching on and organising a variety of airway workshops for the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Association of Anaesthetists and the Difficult Airway Society. He has also been invited to give lectures on airway management around the world and on some occasions has even been invited back.

He is presently the National Airway Lead, which means working with both the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Difficult Airway Society to improve all aspect of education, training and safety in airway management across the UK. This is a really exciting and innovative venture, which has recently been adopted in New Zealand and is being discussed in the USA. Please be careful asking him questions about it in the coffee breaks tho, as once started you may struggle to get him to stop!