XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival 2017 Programme

Wednesday 16th August - Session 1CPD matrix code
0915-0930Welcome and Opening RemarksDr Adam M Paul, Edinburgh
0930-1010QI - you can do it too!Dr Elise Hindle, Edinburgh1I05
1010-1050Long term outcomes from critical illness and surgeryProf Brian Cuthbertson, Toronto3C00
1125-1205Update on Labour AnalgesiaProf Brendan Carvalho, Stanford2B02, 2B03
1205-1245Update on Management of Cardiac FailureDr Alistair Macfie, Glasgow2A08, 3G00
Session 2
1345-1425Blood transfusion: 70g/l for all?Dr Annemarie Docherty, Edinburgh2A05
1425-1505Why the recommendations say this but we keep doing that…Dr Anders Perner, Copenhagen1I05, 3J03
1540-1620Pre-operative assessment in the elderly patientDr Irwin Foo, Edinburgh1A01, 2A03
1620-1700Anaesthesia management of the elderly patientProf Iain Moppett, Nottingham3I00
Thursday 17th August - Session 3CPD matrix code
0900-0940Major Trauma, an updateDr Robbie Lendrum, Edinburgh2A02
0940-1020Early Traumatic Brain Injury Management UpdateDr Jonathan Rhodes, Edinburgh2F01
1055-1135What is the right sort of fluid and when?Prof Anders Perner, Copenhagen2A05
1135-1215X-men to Snowflakes: The unteachable generations?Dr Charles Leeson-Payne, Edinburgh1H01, 2H01
Session 4
1315-1355When families and doctors collide- About the Rasouli (vs Cuthbertson)Prof Brian Cuthbertson, Toronto 1F01, 2C06
1355-1435Duty of Candour - what it means to you and an update on MontgomeryDr Udvitha Nandasoma, The MDU1F05
1510-1550Shooting for the best treatment - early management of neuropathic painDr Michael Serpell, Glasgow2E01, 2E03
1550-1630Optimal Pain Management after Caesarean DeliveryProf Brendan Carvalho, Stanford2B01, 2E01
2000-2330Drinks reception and private viewing of Caravaggio at the Royal Scottish Academy prior to 3 Course Scottish Fine Dining and Whisky Tasting, please book in advance
Friday 18th August - Session 5CPD matrix code
0900-0940ASA 6: does the anaesthetic matter?Dr David Ray, Edinburgh2C01, 3I00
0940-1020Prophylaxis in ICU - what should we be doing?Prof Anders Perner, Copenhagen2C04, 3C00
1050-1130The Royal College of Anaesthetists at Twenty-fiveDr John Colvin, RCoA3J00
1130-1210Neuraxial Ultrasound - you really should be using it!Prof Brendan Carvalho, Stanford2G02
Session 6
1310-1350Morbidity and Mortality in anaesthesia Prof Iain Moppett, Nottingham3J03
1350-1430Costs, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in Anaesthesia and intensive careProf Brian Cuthbertson, Toronto1I02, 2C07
1430-1500Debate: FOR "TSTexit" - This house believes that it is time to move on from Thio, Sux Tube for emergency intubationDr Alistair McNarry, Edinburgh1A02, 2A01
1500-1530Debate: AGAINST "TSTexit" - This house believes that it is time to move on from Thio, Sux Tube for emergency intubationDr Dermot McKeown, Edinburgh1A02, 2A01
1530-1540Closing remarksDr Adam M Paul, Edinburgh