XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
POSTPONED TO 18-20 August 2021

Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival 2018 Programme

Monday 13th August - Session 1CPD matrix code
0815-0920Registration, tea/coffee
0920-0930Welcome and Opening RemarksDr Adam M Paul, Edinburgh
0930-1000Perioperative Implications & Complications in Morbid ObesityProf Anupama Wadhwa, UCSD San Diego, CA, USA
1000-1030How big is too big for outpatient surgery?Dr Stephanie Jones, Boston, MA, USA
1030-1100Multimodal Analgesia and Opioid Sparing Strategies in Morbid ObesityDr Naveen Eipe, Ottawa, Canada
1100-1115Questions & Panel Discussion
1115-1200Coffee and Poster Viewing
1200-1230Morbid Obesity and the Difficult Airway- Fact or Fiction?Dr Tiffany Moon, Dallas, TX, USA
1230-1300Supraglottic Airways in Morbid Obesity- from Routine Use to Airway RescueDr Adrian Sultana, Sydney, Australia
1300-1310Questions & Panel Discussion
1335: Lunchtime Symposium “Peri-operative Fluid Management - The Surgical Perspective” by Mr Euan Dickson, sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences Ltd
Session 2
1410-1455Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome and Morbid Obesity: A major challenge?Prof Frances Chung, Toronto, Canada
1455-1505Questions & Panel Discussion
1505-1540Coffee and Poster Viewing
1540-1610Massive bleeding, coagulopathy and goaldirected therapy with use of TEG/ROTEMDr Jakob Stensballe, Copenhagen, Denmark
1610-1640Emergency Manuals (crisis checklists)Prof Richard D. Urman, Boston, MA, USA
1640-1650Questions & Panel Discussion
1650-1830Welcome Drinks Reception, EICC Foyer
Tuesday 14th August - Session 3CPD matrix code
0815-0900Registration, tea/coffee
0900-0930 Outcome improvements in ambulatory surgeryProf Anupama Wadhwa, UCSD San Diego, CA, USA
0930-1000 My practice is a 100% TIVA-TCI: WHY & HOWDr Adrian Sultana, Sydney, Australia
1000-1030 Screening for OSA and CPAP treatment- What is the Evidence?Prof Frances Chung, Toronto, Canada
1030-1045Questions & Panel Discussion
1045-1130Coffee and Poster Viewing
1130-1200IV lidocaine for Acute PainDr Naveen Eipe, Ottawa, Canada
1200-1230Hot patient safety topics and closed claims analysisProf Richard D. Urman, Boston, MA, USA
1230-1300Alpha2-agonists for sedation: is it time for a change?Prof Tim Walsh, Edinburgh
1300-1315Questions & Panel Discussion
Session 4
1400-1430Trauma haemorrhage, coagulopathy and endotheliopathyDr Jakob Stensballe, Copenhagen, Denmark
1430-1500Turning belly flops into swan dives....Dr Kate Carey, Edinburgh
1500-1510Questions & Panel Discussion
1510-1545Coffee and Poster Viewing
1545-1615Rational use of Perioperative Gabapentinoids Dr Naveen Eipe, Ottawa, Canada
1615-1645Shared Decision Making and what anesthesiologists can do as perioperative physiciansProf Richard D. Urman, Boston, MA, USA
1645-1700Questions & Panel Discussion
1930-2300Festival Dinner with private viewing of Rembrandt, Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL (booking required, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Wednesday 15th August - Session 5CPD matrix code
0830-0930Registration, tea/coffee
0930-1000Optical molecular imaging for pulmonary critical careDr Tom Craven, Edinburgh
1000-1030Gazing into a cloudy Crystal ball - OOHCA prognosticationDr Mark Dunn, Edinburgh
1030-1100Troponin Rise - should we be concerned?Dr Mike Gilles, Edinburgh
1100-1115Questions & Panel Discussion
1115-1200Coffee and Poster Viewing
1200-1220When Things Go Wrong - A Personal ExperienceDr Oliver Daly, Edinburgh
1220-1240The Scales of ResilienceDr Phil Docherty, Edinburgh
1240-1300Building clinician resilienceDr Caroline Cochrane, Edinburgh
1300-1310Questions & Panel Discussion
Session 6
1400-1420EAF2018 Abstract Competition – Oral presentations
1420-1450Medical ManslaughterDr Udvitha Nandasoma, The MDU, UK
1450-1520Safer Surgery with SimulationProf Daniel B. Jones, Boston, MA, USA
1520-1550The Obese Patient in the PACU - VTE, Rhabdomyolysis & PONVDr Stephanie Jones, Boston, MA, USA
1550-1605Questions & Panel Discussion
1605-1615EAF Competition WinnersEmeritus Professor Ian Power, Edinburgh
1615-1620Closing remarksDr Adam M Paul, Edinburgh