XXXIVth Edinburgh
Anaesthesia Festival
17-19 August 2022

EAF 2015 Programme

 This year's Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival has been approved for 15 CPD credits by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Wednesday 19th August - Session 1CPD matrix code
0915-0930Welcome and Opening RemarksDr. Adam Paul, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh
0930-1010Do Direct Effects of Local Anaesthetics on Cancer Cells Improve Prognosis After Surgery?Prof. Tim Hales, University of Dundee1A01, 1A02
1010-1050Perioperative Medicine: The Future of Anaesthesia?Prof. Rupert Pearse, QMUL, London2A07
1120-1200Multimodal Monitoring (MMM)Dr. David Green, Kings College, London1A02, 3100
1200-1240Ultrasound Guidance for Interventional Pain ManagementDr. Jens Kessler, University Hospital, Heidelberg2G02, 2G03
Session 2
1340-1420MBRRACE: The State of Obstetric AnaesthesiaDr. Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer1I01, 2B04, 3B00
1420-1500Epidemiology of High Risk Surgical PatientsProf. Rupert Pearse, QMUL, London2A03, 3J03
1530-1610Big Data: The Cost of Surviving ITUDr. Nazir Lone, University of Edinburgh2C07, 3C00, 3J03
1610-1650Presentation cancelledPresentation cancelled, speaker unavailable
Thursday 20th August - Session 3CPD matrix code
0900-0940Using Functional Neuroimaging to Understand Anaesthesia and PainDr. Marta Seretny, University of Edinburgh1A01, 1A02, 3J03
0940-1020The Evolution of Opioid AnalgesiaProf. Tim Hales, University of Dundee1A02, 3J03
1050-1130Education and Training in Ultrasound-Guided Regional AnaesthesiaDr. Jens Kessler, University Hospital, Heidelberg1H02, 2G03
1130-1210Competence-based Training - Easier Said Than DoneProf. George Shorten, University College, Cork1H01, 1H02, 2H01, 2H02
Session 4
1310-1350Short Term Harm as a Cause of Long Term DiseaseProf. Rupert Pearse, QMUL, London2A03
1350-1430Never EventsDr. William Harrop-Griffiths, Imperial College, London1I03, 1I05
1500-1540Medical Negligence Litigation: Why Do Patients Litigate?Mrs. Ann Logan, Balfour and Manson, Edinburgh1F01, 1I04
1540-1620Awareness during Anaesthesia: Lessons from NAP5Dr. Alastair Nimmo, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh1I01, 2A04, 3I00
1620-1700BIS: Why Bother?Dr. David Green, Kings College, London2A04, 3I00
1930 for 2000Dinner at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh (smart casual)
Friday 21st August - Session 5CPD matrix code
0930-1010Anaphylaxis and the AnaesthetistDr. Zoey Dempsey, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh2A06
1010-1050Goal-directed Therapy - Smoke and Mirrors or Magic Bullet?Dr. William Harrop-Griffiths, Imperial College, London1A01, 2C04
1110-1150Ophthalmic Anaesthesia: What You Need To Know.Dr. Craig Grice, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh3A12
1150-1230Needle Visualisation During Ultrasound-Guided BlocksDr. Jens Kessler, University Hospital, Heidelberg2G02, 3G03
Session 6
1330-1410What's new in Paediatric Anaesthesia and ResuscitationDr. Jon McCormack, RHSC, Edinburgh2D01, 2D07
1410-1450Scottish Patient Safety Programme: Maintaining MomentumDr. Brian Robson, Executive Clinical Director at Healthcare Improvement Scotland1I03, 1I05
1450-1520Debate: "This House Believes That Difficult Airways are More Often the Fault of the Anaesthetist Than the Patient" - PROPOSEDr. William Harrop-Griffiths, Imperial College, London1C01, 2A01, 3A01
1520-1550Debate: " This House Believes That Difficult Airways are More Often the Fault of the Anaesthetist Than the Patient" - OPPOSEDr. Alastair McNarry, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh1C01, 2A01, 3A01
1550-1600Closing remarks