EAF 2018 Speakers

Dr Kate Carey

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Dr Kate Carey

Dr Carey was appointed a consultant anaesthetist in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE) in 2009. Over 50% of Dr Carey’s clinical work is in the emergency theatre. Her remaining clinical time is spent in the elective orthopaedic theatre. This includes arthroplasty and also being one of the three anaesthetists involved in the Scottish National Adult Spine Deformity Service.

Dr Carey’s Improvement career started with the successful launch of an enhanced recovery programme for arthroplasty surgery in her home hospital. She was also part of the national task group that led the introduction of ERAS in arthroplasty across Scotland. Kate has developed her interest in quality improvement and is a fully qualified Scottish Improvement Leader. In 2018 she was appointed the Regional QI Network Lead for South East Scotland for the Royal College of Anaesthetists. In recent years, her improvement focus has been around emergency laparotomy, including being the local anaesthesia lead for the EPOCH trial in the RIE. Dr Carey is now one of three national clinical leads for the Emergency Laparotomy and Laparoscopic Surgery Scotland Audit (ELLSA).

Apart from the above, Kate is renowned for her very particular coffee order – a decaf soya cappuccino!